2019 Backpacking

This is where a John Muir quote about returning to nature goes right? For me backpacking is a combination of exploring, physical effort, and getting away from routine. At its best it can be reflective at its hardest it can challenge you.

In 2018 I begin to gear up for the Pacific Crest Trail. It was very ambitious. 2600+ miles, months of hiking. After a few hundred miles and some injuries I figured out wasnt gonna complete it that year. Its a admirable goal and impressive trek for those that do it. Instead I focused on the shorter trips I most want to do, including sections of the PCT.

So far in 2019.


The Trans-Catalina Trail from Avalon out to Parsons and back to Avalon.

View approaching Black Jack campground.

There are a few small lakes on the island.

Stopped by the airport cafe for a meal.

Did a extra 10 mile loop to Silver peak. Almost stepped on a rattlesnake. View south across the island.

PCT California Sections - A & B

209 miles from the southern terminus at the US/Mexico Border to I-10.

Monument at the southern terminus.

Big views climbing out of scissor crossing.

Classic Eagle Rock

Hiking along the ridge up to San Jacinto.

Sunset from San Jacinto.