Joining Mapbox

This post is a bit late, since I joined Mapbox almost 2 months ago. But I still wanted to write up why I'm excited, to be working there.

The Mapbox Team

I've known some members of the team for years, I've spoken at events hosted by Mapbox, and worked with them as they supported Code for America projects. I've always been impressed with their tech, how much of it is open source, and how fast they release big features. The team is super smart and highly collaborative. They are inclusive and open which is really important as the team size grows, and it is growing fast. I'm really excited to keep learning from them.

Geo + Web + Mapbox

Almost as long as the web has existed, in some form we be using it to talk about physical locations. In almost every app I've built in the last 4-5 years there has been a relation to location.

Maps have made great gains in functionality, usability, and customization. However, as the amount and quality of data has exploded, it seems like the complexity of making a map has as well. Some things have made maps easier in the last few years Leaflet, GeoJSON, TileMill. At Mapbox I work with the creators of all of those. Mapbox in just a couple of short years has put a new energy into making maps for the web.

What do I do there?

Short answer: Make maps more powerful and customizable while at the same time easier to create.

Longer answer: I'm working on building out the future of the Mapbox API, the systems and services that support, as well helping Mapbox continue to scale and provided fast service to users worldwide. It's a mixture of of application development, devops / automation, and API design.

You should join me

Mapbox is hiring!